About Us

About Us

Intelligent Learning Machines, Inc. (ILM) offers products and services that are rooted in deep subject matter expertise in the Functional Safety, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence fields of embedded computing electronics. ILM was founded in Michigan by domain experts that honed their skills in industry as engineering designers across multiple industries. The resulting Corporation is well connected in industry circles, which in the past has allowed much of its personnel to help set many of the current design and engineering standards. By helping set these standards, ILM remains at the forefront of progress with intimate knowledge of the design constraints that its products or customers will need to meet.

Root Expertise
The root expertise espoused by ILM’s brain trust promotes real value for its customers:

  • Compliance
    Meeting the state-of-the-art engineering and design standards is neither a straightforward science, nor a trivial art. Our antidote is our people’s knowledgeable experience with the standards and the application of such standards in a desirable design. We achieve the compliance that keeps you and your company from market and regulatory jeopardy.
  • Cost
    Creating the correct design, the first time around, saves redundant development time, especially at the critical early stages. Our people are in demand and have no time to fumble around with useless multiple revisions that waste resources.
  • Capability
    While compliance (first) and cost (second) are bedrock principles that we cannot compromise away, we do not view these tenets as excuses for creating a product or design that the market will sulk. We are not satisfied with underperforming designs and strive to create the best products where compliance and cost appear as transparently effortless to the end user.

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