Functional and System Safety Design

System Safety

Intelligent Learning Machines (ILM) services the following areas of system safety:
  • Transportation Industries
    • Space/Aeronautics
    • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Manufacturing and Process Industries

System Safety for Transportation Industries

ILM is uniquely placed to invent system safety solutions that include functional safety, cybersecurity, safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) and feedback-control actuator safe-state implementation. System safety also involves all other engineering disciplines that interact with the control systems of a transportation product, where human life is in the balance. For example, mechanical and thermal interfaces with E/E systems are critical levers that influence the ease compliance of a design to the relevant safety standards. The following ILM offerings will secure a customer’s system safety in earnest:

  • ILM will infuse your entire enterprise in safety culture with these principled actions:
    • Evangelize a stalwart safety mindset into all strata of your hierarchy
    • Transfer ILM’s extensive lessons-learned library, so that your organization need not spend its time and treasure learning from scratch at the expense of the public and your shareholders
    • Secure your management’s commitment to the realities of today’s product safety regulatory and marketplace requirements
    • Foster your organization’s safety competence, thereby enabling your team members to readily speak with assurance and authority on safety issues before its own management, customers and regulators
  • ILM credentials:
    • More than 50 years of combined experience in the safety domain of embedded systems.
    • Members from our core team have a track record of successfully completing automotive and aeronautical projects for major manufacturers and are inventors of multiple global patents.
  • ILM offerings:

Aviation Industry

System safety has become a discussion that is currently a hot topic in the aviation industry, in light of some revelations in the press describing systemic failures in the design and production of certain high volume jetliners. Intelligent Learning Machines (ILM) can help your aviation industry company bridge the safety culture gap and offer the expertise necessary for engineering vetted products that will guarantee the safety that the flying public rightfully demands. ILM’s approach includes

  • Training for all personnel, from executives to support staff, in the fundamentals of a pervasive attitude towards safety
  • Systematic bottom-up and top-down analysis of all failure modes and their effects, using lessons-learned that are customized for aviation and imported from other transportation industries
  • Enhanced verification methodology to prove out predicted conclusions
  • Blending of deterministic and non-deterministic computing to independently verify in-flight decisions
  • Focused human-machine interface studies to ferret out unwieldy or dangerous designs that hinder optimal pilot decision-making and performance under pressure

System Safety for Oil and Gas Industries

Intelligent Learning Machines (ILM) services the oil and gas industries (OGI) with innovative safety and security solutions that also drive cost savings. With an eye on the grave dangers that may be lurking in the bowels of an OGI complex, the safety experts at ILM realize that the stakes are high. Through the use of artificial intelligence surveillance techniques, instrumentation automation and thorough digitization of operations, ILM can help avert major and minor disasters that may perish personnel or infrastructure. Additionally, ILM has identified cybersecurity concerns as an emerging threat to OGI installations that could translate into system safety failures that can cause real physical damage, denial of service or other nefarious incidents. Some of ILM's offerings include:

  • Artificial intelligence to back up human-driven procedures, or flag potential areas of safety or security concern
  • Automation that checks for safety and security through deterministic and machine learning techniques
  • Cybersecurity defense and ruggedization via a network of on-site embedded smart monitors, actuators or robots

System Safety for Manufacturing and Process Industries

ILM’s following offerings for mission critical industrial applications generate real value for customers who seek to enhance their system safety compliance:

  • Process Gap Analysis focused on Human-Machine Interface improvement, which is a low hanging fruit opportunity for mitigation of adverse and sub-optimal situations.
  • Machine Failure Mode Analysis on control systems, to cram down towards a zero-incident record from Day 1.
  • Meaningful implementation and adherence to latest industry standards, to drive safety, quality and cost savings.

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